Cluster Computing Software

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The setup of the cluster can be done by your own personnel, minimising your investment.

Windows based

The Sting Compute Broker software is written for a multi-threaded windows platform. No use of consoles, SSH or Linux to setup your cluster. The computing nodes in the cluster can be any network enabled platform.

Easily maintainable

The cluster can be maintained by anyone who has a little understanding of basic networking concepts. Sting Compute enables you to build your simple cluster or implement a complex computing centre, the choice is yours!

A simple and intuitive way to distribute workload across any computing unit, that is the drive behind the Sting Compute project. After researching all available ways to implement a computing cluster we came to the realisation that existing solutions where either way to expensive to implement due to software licenses or was to hard to implement and maintain without having dedicated personnel. Since the concepts of distributing workload are not that hard to understand we decided to build our own framework based on the key requirements we had: 

Platform independent nodes

Any TCP/IP enabled platform must be able to join the cluster regardless of the OS or hardware setup.

Easy to use

Easy to use and intuitive setup and maintenance based on the Windows operating system.


High scalability and performance for production environments.

We started developing and one year later the Sting Compute module is used as server back-end in production. If you want more information or want to try our software, feel free to contact us.

The Topology

The Sting Compute software consists of several modules. There are modules that handle node discovery, node enrollment and modules that handles interaction with the client machines that can post jobs. The whole framework is multithreaded and optimised for completing jobs. The framework is lightweight and comes with an intuitive GUI. The Sting Compute Software is written for windows and there is client code available in several languages like Python, LabVIEW, C# and PHP and this list is still growing.

Node discovery and enrollment

The client code running on a computing node runs a discovery method which broadcasts to the enrollment module of the Sting Compute software. After this initial contact a connection is setup and some handshaking and negotiation is done. The Node is now known by the broker and most important, the broker knows what kind of jobs he can offload to the node. The broker will add the new node to a virtual computing pool without blocking its main purpose: handling Jobs!

Easy to use

Sting Compute is easy to use. The main application runs in a windows 64bit environment and has a simple GUI to monitor the state of all the computing nodes and give information about the request queue.