Computer Vision API

Computational capacity

No need for the computational capacity on-site, resulting in lower hardware cost.

Power efficient

Develop power efficient smart applications that can be powered by a single battery or solar cell

Abstraction, easy to use

Abstraction of computer vision technology, no in depth knowledge required

Centralised models

Centralised classification model and world wide access.

Computer Vision algorithms are generally highly computational intensive and you need specific hardware and software configurations to handle the workload, systems that are costly to implement and maintain. 

With our solution you can out source the computer vision calculations.  Our webservice contains several, features that can be use out of the box. The list of features is growing fast, and is driven by questions from the field.

Data safety

Your data is important and shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. All data transferred to our servers is encrypted using the https protocol. Your data security has a high priority at Sting Vision and we make this as secure and transparent as possible.

Test drive

To get a good understanding of how our webservice works you can take our webservice for a test drive. To make sure that our service is accessible we provide a classification model through our website, simply drag and drop or select an image from your desktop into the page and the classification result will be generated.

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View the documentation

Take a look at our documentation. The documentation includes basic login, logout and session handling as well as feature descriptions and examples. The docs are updated regularly and example code in more languages will be added soon.
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Our service is free-to-use for non-commercial applications and with a limit of 1.000 requests per calendar month. We want to enable creative developers to integrate our service into their projects. We provide several plans to match you demands, these are shown below. Billing is done per 1.000 requests. And after the first 25.000 requests in a month we use a different rate.

Prices per 1.000 requests


  • Image Classification
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Face detection
  • Crowd Analysis (bèta)

Non commercial


  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -


  • €1,50
  • €1,50
  • €1,50
  • €2,-


  • €1,-
  • €1,-
  • €1,-
  • €1,50

Usage is billed per 1.000 requests, so when you use 7.900 requests you are billed 8 times the current rate. This is calculated for each feature separately.

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