Terms of Service EN

Here at sting Vision we want to communicate transparently and with clear language. We do not have any hidden costs and we see the usage of our service as a collaboration. In the text below we describe the main points that are the core of the terms that are agreed upon by using our Computer Vision Webservice

User Accounts

There are three types of accounts: Free Account, Standard Account and Premium Account (bèta). With these three accounts we are able to provide the service level you want. Our free account is meant as a introduction and for hobbyists/makers. At Sting Vision we love to automate everything in our personal life and as long it is for personal use we would like to support this community. A standard account is for persons and companies that would like to use our service with the goal to make money, reduce costs or otherwise a commercial goal. The development and maintenance of our service costs money and for this we ask a compensation. A Free Account can be upgraded to a Standard Account in the personal page on www.stingvision.com. A Premium Account (bèta) has more support and the option to use dedicated hardware.

More details about the different accounts can be found below.

Free Account

Our service can only be used for free with limitations for non-commercial purposes. Companies that are not directly making money of our webservice are also commercial, and are excluded to this type account and there are no 1.000 requests available.

The features of a Free Account:

– 1.000 free requests per month
– Full functionality, all features are available
– Limit on the number of requests per second
– Limit on the number of locations from where requests can be made
– No commercial nature
– Shared server, No priority on resources, performance can vary between requests
– Only mail support

When the maximum of 1.000 requests is reached from a Free Account, the account will be blocked until the first of the next month. This will ensure that there won’t be any costs.

A Free Account can be upgraded to a Standard Account in your personal page on www.stingvision.com. If you are not sure whether your application satisfies all the conditions for a Free Account please contact Sting Vision and we will help you. We always retain the right to refuse or revoke a Free Account without any obligation.

Standard Account

To create a Standard Account, the registration form on the website can be used. The account that is created is a Free Account that needs to be upgraded to a Standard Account. This can be done on the personal page. Some additional company and billing information and a bank validation are required to finalize the upgrade process. The bank validation is done by a payment of €0.01 to Sting Vision.

The features of a Standard Account are:

– License to use our webservice for commercial purposes.
– No throttling, request are handled as fast as possible.
– Requests from a standard account have priority over Free Account requests.
– Performance can vary due to differences in traffic on our servers. For a higher performance a Premium Account (bèta) with access to dedicated servers can be chosen or Sting Vision can help implementing an on-site solution, contact us for more information.
– Full e-mail support

Premium Account (bèta)

A Premium Account has the same features as the Standard Account, but features higher performance and support. A premium Account includes a additional monthly fee that will be charged with the costs made by sending requests to our servers.

– Access to low traffic dedicated hardware
– Support via mail and phone (during office hours)

The upgrade to a Premium Account can be done from a Standard Account, we are working on automating this process but currently the upgrade request must be done by mail, using the mail account that is coupled to the Standard Account.


Sting Vision offers several features through her webservice, some of these features are in bèta, which means that they can still be developed in the background, and some of these features are mature enough to be marked as Production features. De result of a computer vision algorithm can vary due to the nature of the implementation. We cannot give any guarantee on the output of our algorithms. When for example a classification is trained on a certain dataset it is possible that a new, unknown image is wrongly classified. The algorithm works as expected but the output might not be what you expect. It is impossible to get a 100% working model, in comparison even humans have it wrong sometime. Every feature has his own scope and the integrator should perform sufficient tests to convince himself of the performance. We are always available to assist in issues regarding our features and via our website a request can be made to get assistance for the performance of our features or about custom made algorithms.

The functionality offered is in constant development and we have an effort obligation to provide the functionality as good as we can.  When you use our service it should be kept in mind that you don’t use our service in any safety or otherwise critical application.


Privacy is always important when you are talking about photo’s and video’s and there lies a great responsibility with the integrator that uses our webservice. Long story short, it is the responsibility of the integrator to make sure that there are no copyright or privacy laws violated when building or using the application that integrates the Sting Vision webservice. We will make sure that all your data is safely stored and that your privacy is not violated. What do we do to ensure your privacy?

All private data is stored in a secured database and we will never store plain user credentials. Furthermore, your private data will never be used for something other than:

– Maintaining the User Account
– Getting in touch with you via email to inform you about policy changes, or when responding to request.
– Billing
– Improving our service
– Gathering of user statistics to track down problems in our system or to validate our system.
– informing you of improvements and changes in our service, for this we ask explicit permission.

What we will never do:

– Give your data to anyone third parties
– Store image or video material that was send to our server. The image or video will only be in memory during the execution of the request.


Keep your credentials a secret! Your username, password and session keys are your secret and your responsibility. Please make sure you take proper security measures to store this data. Anyone that can access your credentials is able to send requests to our server. In the case of a standard account, this usage will also be billed. You will never be billed when using a free account.

If you suspect that your credentials are compromised, please change/reset your password on our website and destroy all sessions manually. If you need any help, send an email to web@stingvision.com and we will assist you.